Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I was having a conversation about art with some friends and it was interesting hearing artists and non-artists describe what they thought.

Who are the artists and why are we afraid of them? What do they create and what does it do for us?

Artists are not people who settle. They challenge us, they make us look at something differently, they reveal beauty or tell us a story that intrigues us.

These days with I Phones anyone can take 100 pictures of a beautiful sunset. Is that art?

I would say that the first picture might have been art, but the hundreth probably says more about the lack of original thinking of the artist. Like film-makers who do 10 sequels, you wonder if easy and quick - doing what you know you can-  and not dreaming up anything daring is the mark of an artist.

Artists ( as opposed to hacks) are self revealing. They take chances. They don't settle for easy or playing it safe. They expose, they tell stories, they make us think. They don't just paint a picture. They show us something we didn't see before.

And the art they create isn't predictable or boring. It teaches, it scares, it makes us think and change. It shows us new ways to see and experience. It shows us beauty but more than mere beauty it leads us to experience the beauty in personal, deep and soulful ways.

Art and those who create it live outside the norm. Conformity is not the temperament of artists and blandness is not their art.

Dance outside the lines. Create something completely new. Challenge people to change. Be too much of something. Live as though you would die tomorrow. Embrace daring. Above all, recognize wonder and be in love with beauty.

Be an artist.

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  1. my personal definition of an artist is that an artist is someone who tries to take their inner vision and present it to others. And since that's damned near impossible, art becomes an obsession, an ongoing struggle with moments of transcendent victory surrounded by frustration, fear, self-doubt and loathing. It's those transcendent moments that fuel the passion and keep the artist going even in the darkest hours.