Wednesday, March 19, 2014

This is soooo true

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Very Cool News

I am working on a blogspot website and will be finally gathering up all my poetry from lo these many years and creating an e-book. Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 20, 2013


I pledge alliegance
To the flag
Of these divided
States of America
A place of misunderstanding
Where violence is
Glorifed and fear
Of others is
All too common
This Nation
Under God
Who must weep
For our stupidity
And hardness.

In the Zimmerman
Verdict they put
The young victim
On trial for
Walking down the
Street wearing
A sweatshirt
They tried his
Killer with a jury
Of light skinned
Faces and the
Police, they just
Kinda forgot
To follow up
With those witnesses
After the shooting
That happened
In full view
Of everybody.
And the girl
Who was on
The phone with
Trayvon as Zimmerman
Followed him
Targeting him for
His blackness -
They just didn't
Believe her
Just a low class
Dark faced girl
What does she
Know about
Southern justice
Maybe she really
Believed hearing
Her friend gunned
Down on the phone
With her as
A witness
Would be enough
She carried his
Testimony from his
Grave but no
One would hear
His cries for
The judge said
The prosection could
Not say
It was a racially
Motivated crime.
And our President
Says well we have
Courts and we
Live with the
But me,
I hope you all
Sleep well
At night
Keep your dark
Skinned children
Close because
Tomorrow they could
Be gunned down
For walking down
A street
Being black.
And who will
Defend them
When they lie
In the street
And crying for
Help and no one
Their voices?

But I pledge
My alliegance
I pledge my
Soul that I
Will heal instead
Of hate
I will defend
Instead of run
That I will embrace
All my brothers
And sisters
Of every color
I pledge to
Leave this world
A better place
That how I found it
Because we cannot
Quit and will
Not give up
In the face of
And to the
Republic for which
It stands
One nation
Under God
Who hears our
Prayers for our
Flawed and yet
Hopeful country
One nation
Because we are
Better than our
And what we have
Allowed ourselves
To be
And I swear
That we will
Over our brokenness
And hatred
With freedom
And justice
For all.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


One plus one
Equals two
The numbers
Follow each other
Two does not
Happen from
Nothing going
You, with no
Cannot see
Why you create
Anger since
Your addition
Subtracts the
To everyone
But you
You see
The conclusion
But actually
What preceeds
Leads to what
Hurt divisable
By pain
Equals suffering
So the end
Of the equation
Always surprises
You and never
Makes sense.
A defect in
That leads to
As yet another
Loss is counted
And division
Is inevitable
As those who
Once loved
Go away.


An astonishing
Moment of trust
As a dragonfly
Sweeps by
Then lands
With haste
And waits...
The magical
Poised and reflecting
Rays of sun
Behind her
As she moves
Along my
I hold my
Breath and suspend
All motion
For fear of
Scaring her
She pauses
Surveys me
With unblinking
Eyes encased
In turquise
And I feel
To be mistaken
For a lilypad
Or a gorgeous
She lifts up
Into flight and
Circles me twice
Before flying
Leaving me
Looking into
Clouds and smiling
At the beauty
Of the moment.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Running By

The morning sun
Has slices
Of bright orange
In open sky,
The beach meets
Water whose waves
Are quietly awakening.

I am running.
My body machine-like,
Legs taking each
Stride forward
Arms moving
My mantra
Since each step
Is crucial
And a mis-step
Could be
I left the wheelchair
Behind long ago
Each time
I run I feel
The triumph
The freedom
I was told
I would never
The sheer joy
Of my body
Responding to
Cues from my
Brain willingly
And each time
I am running
I am counting
The blessing
Of foot to

The sun has
Risen and
The mountains
Are in view
Beyond the sound
And I see it
All so clearly
As I run by.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Soaring Eagle

He sits on
The highest rail
Overseeing the
Morning commute
On the bridge
Packed with polluting
Cars and filled
With workers
Heading out playing
Radios and blue
Tooth and texting
While driving,
Mostly oblivious
To all around
Them and focused
On getting where
They are going.
But he is an eagle
The most sacred
Of birds
Grandfather whose
Wisdom makes him
A king of the air,
Surveying the open
Water beyond
This bridge .
His gaze is steady
And proud
And he looks
Directly at me
As I drive by.
I imagine him
Briefly wondering
Just how stupid
We senseless
People are...
It is as though
He is there
Each morning
To remind us
Of that which
We all too easily
A car honks
At him and he
Spreads his russet
Colored wings
And takes off
Soaring over
Us and out
Over the undulating
Waves heading
For the mountains
And I imagine
Him shaking
His head and
Thinking how
Pathetic we
Are to him
So sure of our
Superiority while
We destroy all
That is necessary
And  with it
All in the

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Each moment
Is filled with
What will you
Do with the
Seconds ticking by -
Gone instantly
And impossible
To recapture?
Will you refuse
To seize a moment
That could
Transform everything?
Each moment is
A choice
A fleeting instant
When you
Control your
Own direction by
Allowing only
The good
The fruitful
The change
To thrive...
Will you be
Fearful of becoming,
Fearful of your
Own destiny?
I hear the moments
The flash
Of insights
As they fly by
At the speed
Of light
As you stand
In the middle
And nothing

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Peace ( first published last October)

Peace comes
Only when we
Cease being
Haunted by
Wounds of
The past.
That which
Isn't healed
Becomes fuel
For the next
Cycle of
Pain and fear
We count
Bravery as
Courage in
Battle but
Braver is the
One who can
Learn to
Use quiet
Words to
Absolve what
Went wrong
Perform the
Reparations of
The heart
And walk away
Knowing that
Anger no
Longer has

He who angers you Controls you And freedom Is letting go And finding A new beginning.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wild at Heart

You are still
A wolf in
The forest mist
A ghostly glimpse
Of grey fur
And then you
Are gone
Making those
Who saw
You dimly
Did they
See you
At all ?
Softly your
Paws touch
The low moss
On trails
Less traveled
Slender legs
Move quickly
Always moving
Searching for
Rare and
Smelling trails
Of discovery
Drinking from
The dew
Glistening upon
Emerald leaves
Eluding those
Who would
Hunt you
For a trophy
Or try to
Tame you
To be a pet.
Your wildness
Is your beauty
And your
Even in a
Is evident
Your almond
Eyes reflect
No emotion
As you
Disappear into
Dense fern
And towering
I have known
And you
Have met
The heart
Of me
We two
Are wild
At heart
Maybe too
For our own
But in the
Rising dawn
I know you
Hear me
On the
Top of the
Mountain -
White fur
Reflecting the
Rising sun
In the language
Of dreams
And our
Shared imagination,
A calling
That resonates
In your
And awakens
Your spirit
And we
Honor our
Ways of
My feral
Dancing in
Rays of
Filtered through
Tree branches
As always
Tails wagging
Dashing and
Meeting each
Other's steady
Before disappearing
Once again
Into the
Shadows of
The canyon
The wonder
And magic
Of what once
Was there.

Friday, October 5, 2012


He's a warrior
You can feel it
When he walks
In the room
Tall and proud
He moves with
Purpose and grace
Although he
Call it that.
He is unbending
But his heart
Is heavy....
The hard time
The prison smell
The disrespect
The judgement
Almost broke him
And he tries
Not to think
About all that.
It was one
Moment in time
One moment
When he was
Cornered and
His warrior spirit
Took over
But they said
He went too
Far and the
Man he fought
Died in his
Hands and
He tries not
To think
About it
Because it
Won't change
Anything now.
He devotes his
Life to good
He walks a path
Of peace
But they never
Let him forget
He is always
Reminded of
His most unholy
Moment that
Happened years
Ago but they
Act like it was
Only yesterday.
His bravery now
Is to let no one
Define him
To refuse to
Be the stereotype
They want to see
His bravery now
Is to feel his
Own heart beating
His own hands
Reaching for the
Light that cuts
Through everything
And illuminates more
Than he had hoped
For and yet
He is still
He is a warrior
We made him
A warrior
You can feel
It when he
Walks in the room
He has seen
Too much
And yet
His eyes
Illuminated in
The darkest
His eyes see
What he wants
To be.
He is a warrior
He is a peaceful
Born out of
A lesson learned
And a knowledge
That quitting
Will never be
An option.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I was having a conversation about art with some friends and it was interesting hearing artists and non-artists describe what they thought.

Who are the artists and why are we afraid of them? What do they create and what does it do for us?

Artists are not people who settle. They challenge us, they make us look at something differently, they reveal beauty or tell us a story that intrigues us.

These days with I Phones anyone can take 100 pictures of a beautiful sunset. Is that art?

I would say that the first picture might have been art, but the hundreth probably says more about the lack of original thinking of the artist. Like film-makers who do 10 sequels, you wonder if easy and quick - doing what you know you can-  and not dreaming up anything daring is the mark of an artist.

Artists ( as opposed to hacks) are self revealing. They take chances. They don't settle for easy or playing it safe. They expose, they tell stories, they make us think. They don't just paint a picture. They show us something we didn't see before.

And the art they create isn't predictable or boring. It teaches, it scares, it makes us think and change. It shows us new ways to see and experience. It shows us beauty but more than mere beauty it leads us to experience the beauty in personal, deep and soulful ways.

Art and those who create it live outside the norm. Conformity is not the temperament of artists and blandness is not their art.

Dance outside the lines. Create something completely new. Challenge people to change. Be too much of something. Live as though you would die tomorrow. Embrace daring. Above all, recognize wonder and be in love with beauty.

Be an artist.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Neuvo Mexico

Warm fog
Glistens over
Pasture and
Rail fences
In early morning,
The smell of
Cedar in the
Kiva and
On the stove.
Rustling nickers
Of wooly sheep
Eager for
The soft steps
Of my dog by
My side as we
Set out hay,
Then release
Week old lambs
Gamboling playfully
From the barn.
Each new dawn
A gift as I face
The sunrise
At last feeling
I had come
And passionately
For every breath
Of crisp thin air,
Every step through
Turquoise boulders
By the river,
For each moment
When life swelled
In my heart
And regrets
Were only
A memory -
For the way
Eggs appeared
Under bantam
The way
Sage attracted
And the way
Neighbors waved
Over the dash
Of their trucks.
And today as
I drive through
The misty haze
Of morning over
Lake and waterlilies
Heading for a
Florescent lit office
In the hipster
City that prides
Itself on not
Being rural or
Speaking Spanish-
Never knowing
How their wool
Sweater came
To be....
It is all I can
Do to not turn
My way south
Heading for the
Sandias and the
Enchanted mesas
That will always
Call to me
In whispering
Rain and silent
Su casa es aqui
En  las montanas
Verdes con
Agua azul y
Luz del dia,
Home ,
Around and
Come home.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


There is
Root of
All the
All of
Them bow
At the
Of this:
The heartfelt
That one
Is wholly
And that
And no one
Will prove

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Last night I
Dreampt of you
For awhile
I had fogotten
The way your
Heart and touch
Had seared
Themselves deeply
Into me so
Completely that
For years I
Could not give
Myself to anyone
But you.
You were all
I wanted
Best friend
In steamy nights
And travel to
Places both
Real and
I loved you
With a force
That could move
But could not
Heal the addiction
That proved your
In my dream
We spent the
Evening talking
Making plans
Excitedly renewing
What we had felt
Could never be
Like close friends
That time cannot
And it seemed so
Real that my
Hands felt your
Skin as I awoke
And I smelled
Your fragrant skin
On my pillow
My mind
Was filled
With the awe
And delight
At the way
We fit each
Other in
Seamless ways.
In truth
I dreamed you
For years
Confused at how
Our souls found
Each other
And yet had
To part
Once again.
I had given
You the mystical
You wore
Believing that
You and I
Shared a fierce
Fire that could
Never be
Power and
Taking us
Into each other's
Blood and spirit
Conquering our
Because it
Was unfeigned.
I knew your
I knew you
In the deepest
Of ways..
In the
End it was
You who
A stranger to
And the devil
That stalked you
Stole the essence
That you
Did not
Quite enough.
Yet I never
Stopped missing
Never stopped
Believing that
You were
Better than
The dark ending
You paid
For with
Such agony.
Last night
I felt loved
Once again
For those few
Only you could
Reach my
Well protected
And when I
Awoke I had
Been blessed
By the best
Of who you
Were as
I face the
Once again
Without you.